Our farm

Four hundred: this is the number of cows that give us their precious milk every day so that we can make the cheese for you to enjoy.
Four hundred! And we know each and every one of them, because we feed them with the grass and hay we grow in our fields, and check their state of health using​​ the very latest medical and veterinary solutions.

Two hundred black Holsteins, one hundred and twenty red Holsteins, forty Brown Swiss and forty Anglers: our extensive experience as farmers and dairymen has helped us over the years to identify the perfect blend of milks from these different breeds of cattle. It is the only blend that guarantees the unmistakable flavour that puts our cheese ​​among the best in our area.

Our cows are fed with the hay we grow ourselves, with the corn we grow ourselves, the highest quality soy and specially designed animal feed that complies with the strict regulations set down by the Consortium that safeguards the standard of Parmigiano Reggiano DOP

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